Maple Falls Residence

  • Location: Maple Falls, WA
  • Client: Residential
  • Size: 3,500 SF

This home is located on a gently sloping 96 acre farm in Maple Falls, WA replete with livestock and two beautiful old barns. The approach to the project was to create a rustic yet refined farm house, sympathetic in finish and form to the existing barns, but very comfortable and livable, too.  The house is meant to fit into the hill, be a part of the land and farm - not dominate it. The shape of the house - the steeply pitched roof and many dormers, as well as the cedar siding and roofing, give it a natural presence in the landscape.  Stone is also a material that helps ground the building to its environ.   The exposed timber trusses are also reminiscent of the barns, but the white walls give the interior a clean modern feel to balance the rusticity of the wood. Numerous windows of varied shape and size bring in an abundance of natural light and provide views to all angles of the property. As a whole, the aim was to create a home that is both familiar and distinct.

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