Lakeside Residence

  • Location: Bellingham, WA

This custom home was built on the north shore of Lake Whatcom, east of Bellingham, Washington, in an area of high-end, expensive homes. The client wanted a home that didn’t “overbuild” the neighborhood, but at the same time distinguished itself as one of the top homes in the area and one that appeared as though it had been there a hundred years.

The site slopes gently from the road down to the lake. The design extends from setback-to-setback at the side property lines, creating a distinct “public” entry side of the house, and a “private” side fronting the swimming pool, spa and lake. The design has a Craftsman Style approach, with steep slate shingled roofs, exposed timber framing, dormers, turrets, and bowed windows. The clear cedar siding has been finished with a premium clear stain and sealer, accentuating the abundance of natural wood.

The result is a home that is reminiscent of the grand craftsman homes of the Appalachians and California built at the turn of the century, and through the use of natural materials relates well to the Pacific Northwest.

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