WTA Cordata

  • Location: Bellingham, WA
  • Client: Whatcom Transportation Authority

Completed in February 2009, this $3.9 million facility is designed to serve three different functions for the rapidly growing northern portions of Bellingham, Washington:  as a bus-stop for the adjacent Whatcom Community College; a transfer station for the workers and shoppers going to the nearby commercial areas; and a park-and-ride for the residential areas of north Bellingham.  The passenger concourse is “book-ended” by two buildings - the southern building contains public restroom facilities, while the northern building houses a driver breakroom with a kitchenette and restrooms and ticketing offices.  

The buildings are constructed of pre-cast concrete to facilitate an accelerated construction schedule.  The roof of the concourse is similarly designed from off-the-shelf components (steel pipe and plastic glazing panels) but configured in such a way as to appear custom-built.  Radiant heaters are installed for use in only the most extreme weather conditions.  The park-and-ride portion of the site has room for up to 100 vehicles, while the bus islands can accommodate up to 11 buses at a time.  The bus lane adjacent to Cordata Parkway incorporates an acceleration lane to ease traffic congestion.  Other amenities include combination seating and windscreens with art glass panels and roofed bicycle storage.

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