Whatcom County Civic Center

  • Location: Bellingham, WA
  • Client: Whatcom County

This building is located in the heart of the Bellingham Civic Center, with Bellingham City Hall, Whatcom County Courthouse, Bellingham Library, and many other government offices within one or two blocks.  For that reason, Whatcom County acquired the building for additional office space.  Originally built as a speculative office building in the 1980’s, the building had leaking problems since day one.  An independent investigation revealed extensive window and stucco failure.  Zervas was retained to implement the investigation’s recommendations.  One of the recommendations was to cover the failed stucco with an elastomeric coating.  Our opinion is that this is a band-aid approach, and a more comprehensive solution is required.  We proposed a rain screen, wherein the existing stucco is coated with a weather and air barrier, and the metal siding is installed over hat channel to create the rain screen.  The window system is completely replaced, and a small green roof replaces a sloped glazing system.  The end result will be a repurposed building that will give a whole new look to the Civic Center, and continue to serve the County for many years to come, leak free.

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