Whatcom Co. FD 7, Station 1

  • Location: Ferndale, WA
  • Client: Whatcom County Fire District

This remodel of Whatcom County Fire District No. 7’s main station in downtown Ferndale, Washington, accomplishes several long-term planning goals. Recognizing the expected levels of growth in Ferndale, the need for a fully manned station is inevitable. The need for expanded administrative functions is immediate. Therefore, the administrative spaces are designed in a module that will easily accommodate an eventual shift to dormitory functions. The truck bays are expanded in length allowing for more apparatus, with the rear wall non-load bearing in order to accommodate future drive-through capabilities. The exterior skin of the building is a metal panel applied directly over the existing exterior wall, giving the building a new, modern appeal. The end result is a building that will continue to serve WCFD#7 for generations to come, and be a source of civic pride for the City of Ferndale.

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