San Juan Fire District 3

  • Location: Friday Harbor, WA
  • Client: San Juan Fire District

Located on San Juan Island, this building is designed to serve as the only 24 hour staffed station on the island. It is located next to the airport to aid operations, and on the outskirts of Friday Harbor to supplement their operations. The 911 Center is also housed in this facility. The building features three double-length bays in the Apparatus Room with room for expansion to the north. The south end of the building has Administrative areas on the ground floor with a large Multi-Purpose Room that can be used by the community as well as the Fire District. The second level, over the Administrative areas, are the dormitories for the fire fighters. There are four double-berth dorm rooms, with adjacent kitchen, dining and exercise rooms. Construction is slab-on-grade, wood frame and metal roofing.

This building is one of many operated by the District, but the only one with any type of amenities for the volunteers. Since completion,the District’s volunteer firefighter count has increased from 38 to 60. According to Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin, this can only be attributable to the appeal of the new facility.

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