PSE Puyallup Service Center

  • Location: Puyallup, WA
  • Client: Puget Sound Energy
  • Size: 33,604SF

Puget Sound Energy wished to replace their existing 1960’s era Puyallup Service Center to provide a modern, functional, office and operations facility for PSE and their associate utility partners. The project entailed a phased demolition of 21,712 sq. ft. of existing office, facility workshops, and storage spaces.  The new service center consists of a 2-story 19,419 sq. ft. office building, 12,214 sq. ft. line building and a 1,971 sq. ft. secondary structure and covered area.  

The office building has 3,400 sq. ft. of open office space on each floor, with supporting conference rooms, focus rooms, break room, print/copy rooms, and locker/restrooms. The first floor also includes a covered area for the main entry stair and ramp, a patio off of the break room, and a crew and dry room with direct access to the line building dock.  The second floor also includes a storm control center, dispatch, and call center.  The adjacent line building has parts storage, wire shop, and various user group workshops, all of which are served by an adjacent covered loading dock that provides efficient coordination among user groups.  To enhance coordination efficiency between the office building and the line building, the first floor of the office building is elevated to dock height.

In addition to building improvements, the entire 317,129 sq. ft. site has been redeveloped to provide an enhanced stormwater system, facility parking, and more efficient yard storage.

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