Firehouse Performing Arts Center

  • Location: Fairhaven, WA

This adaptive reuse of the historic Bellingham Fire Station No. 2 accommodates a variety of performance arts.  It is home to the Dance Gallery, a modern dance company.  Other performing arts groups rent the space on an as-needed basis.  Public amenities include a small coffee bar adjacent to the lobby, and space for a physical and massage therapist.  Historic renovation included restoring the single garage door to the original two bay design, which then opens onto an exterior patio for expanded summertime venues.  Clay tile was salvaged from a nearby college classroom building, returning the building to it’s original 1923 design.  The most innovative aspect is the seating - it retracts into the ceiling via a custom designed counter-weighted winch for expanded instructional areas, and lowers for performances. 

Projects in Performing Arts / Recreation