Camp Hamilton

  • Client: Archidocese of Seattle, Catholic Youth Organization

Camp Hamilton is a Catholic Youth Organization summer camp owned and operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. It is located in rural Snohomish County, near Monroe. On a wooded parcel of several hundred acres with a number of rustic buildings, the camp lacked a modern dining facility. The CYO selected a prime site overlooking Lake Hannan for the new facility, called the Discovery Lodge. In addition to serving meals the dining space functions as a meeting space and classroom.

Synergy Construction and Zervas were selected as a design-build team and worked with the Archdiocese Building and Construction Division to design and build the structure which includes a commercial kitchen and seating for 270 people. On the lower level a small infirmary was also included. The facility is the first structure at the camp to be fully accessible, opening up new opportunities for disabled campers to attend and participate in camp functions.

The CYO sought to minimize the impact of the building on the environment so the lodge was carefully sited amidst existing trees. Pervious pavement, rain gardens and natural landscaping were also used.

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