Toolhouse Design

  • Location: Bellingham, WA
  • Client: Toolhouse Design Company
  • Size: 2,100 SF

Toolhouse Design Company desired to relocate their office to the new Bellwether Building located at Bellingham’s Squalicum Marina. The direction given to Zervas was to transform 2,100 square feet into a space that incorporated and portrayed the basic design philosophy of Toolhouse Design Company. This philosophy predetermined a creative, original, and dramatic space that balances the contrast of lines, forms, color, and organic materials with a design that is essentially clean and sophisticated.

Functionally the space is segregated into two general areas in order to meet the client’s needs; the “guest” area, which includes an entry, lounge, and conference room, and the “office” area, which includes three private offices, an open studio and a lunch/work area. The guest area is separated from the office area in three ways. Visually the light levels in the entry/conference area are lower with deeper, light absorbent finishes, while the office areas have ample natural light as well as lighter, reflective finishes. The form of the curved wall, which delineates the entry, accents as well as intersects the angled block-like wall, which defines the private offices.

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