Sunset Professional

  • Location: Bellingham, WA
  • Size: 10,000 SF

This 10,000 sf building is designed to accommodate a dental clinic, laboratory, and additional medical related offices.  Located at the edge of a retail complex, the building acts as a buffer between the adjacent residential neighborhood to the east and a large store to the west. Only two stories high, the building is residential in scale, with compatible materials.  Built for far less than comparable buildings, Zervas employed various strategies to provide a design flair to what is otherwise a simple box.  The exterior wall of the east facing exit stair was removed, providing visual interest through the break in the facade, and by exposing the angular dynamism of the staircase.  The west facing stair was attached to the box, again providing visual relief and the opportunity to change materials.  Aluminum sunscreens, simply bolted to the building, not only provide visual interest but also lower cooling bills by cutting solar gain.

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