Homestead Birch Bay

  • Location: Birch Bay, WA
  • Size: 55 Units

Designed as the first phase of a 55 unit project, this 33 unit building has a mix of one, two and three bedroom units. At the third floor three bedroom townhouses are provided, with the fourth floor opening onto spacious roof decks, complete with private outdoor jacuzzis and barbecues. The mix of unit types and sizes allows for a great deal of facade stepping, creating private decks and visual interest. At the ground floor a coffee shop and other retail/office space is provided. All units, including the commercial spaces, front and open onto the waterfront of Birch Bay, a long-time resort community near Blaine, Washington, that is popular with Canadian and American vacationers. The community is convenient to many of Whatcom County’s larger towns, and the project has proven popular with year-round residents.

Phase Two will provide an outdoor swimming pool for all residents.

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