Hamlet Hotel

  • Location: Bellingham, WA

The Hamlet Hotel is a two-story brick building that was built in 1906 during a vibrant and dynamic period of Bellingham history. The downstairs originally housed the Cottage Bar and the upstairs was the Cottage Hotel (12 sleeping units plus a community bath). Around 1950, the second floor windows were covered over and remained so for the next seven decades; the second floor denigrated to storage use.

In 2017 the building underwent significant renovation that returned the second floor to modern residential living space creating four "hamlets."  Each hamlet includes a kitchenette, living space, bedroom, and full bath.  Approximately 90% of the original hotel walls have been retained and the original fir flooring was repaired and refinished.  The double wythe masonry walls were stripped of failing plaster, cleaned, and left exposed with a clear sealer.  Other improvements include new mechanical and electrical systems throughout, fire suppression system with capacity to be extended to the first floor, and restoration of the original exterior façade and fenestration.

Hamlet Hotel is ideally located in the entertainment district of beautiful downtown Bellingham, Washington, just minutes walk from great food, entertainment and adventure.

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