Parkview Elementary

  • Location: Bellingham, WA
  • Client: Bellingham Public Schools

The original Parkview Elementary was an existing single story, 35,690 sq. ft. facility constructed in the late 1950's, with significant additions in the 1970's and in 2016. The original construction was a mix of concrete tilt-up, structural steel framing, and block masonry units. The existing building built prior to 2016, about 33,470 sq. ft., was demolished.

The new construction consists of a 54,419 sq. ft. and includes two-story classroom wings, an expanded gymnasium, and a receiving area north of the 2016 addition. The covered play was relocated to the west of the existing school. The existing gym was demolished, rebuilt and expanded to the north, and has a finished floor elevation that matches the 2016 addition. The area south of the Gym will serve as the north entry from the new bus drop off and staff parking. From the north entry the 1st floor ramps down through the Kindergarten classrooms, Preschool classrooms, and the central “knuckle” (which includes offices, student toilets, and mechanical/electrical rooms on the 1st floor). At this point the floor elevation is now near the level of the new parking and parent drop off to the south. Moving west are the 1st grade classrooms, 2nd grade classrooms, main entry, and administration. The second-floor programmatic organization is much the same with the stacking of classrooms and central “knuckle”. The 5th grade classrooms, bridges classrooms, motor, resource, and books are located in the north wing. The 2nd floor “knuckle” contains Title, Faculty Room, Staff Work, Kiln, Student Toilets, Staff Work, and Storage. The 2nd floor southeast wing includes 3rd grade classrooms, 4th grade classrooms, and the library which stacks above the admin area. The mechanical penthouse stacks above the 2nd floor “knuckle” and also contains the new IDF.

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