Nooksack High School Renovation

  • Location: Everson, WA
  • Client: Nooksack Valley School District
  • Size: 57,249SF

Nooksack Valley High School is an existing single story, 148,984 sq. ft., facility. Initial construction started in the 1950’s and the prior addition/renovation was done in the early 2000’s.

This project included 27,200 sq. ft. of demolition, 27,200 sq. ft. of new construction, and 30,049 sq. ft. of renovation. New construction included a 1,316 sq. ft. greenhouse and the following additions; 8,363 sq. ft. Fitness Center, 9,963 sq. ft. of Administration, and 1,597 sq. ft. of CTE storage. All existing separated buildings were assumed type V-A construction. All additions are Type V-B construction and sprinklered. Work included minimal sitework, including renovation of the guest parking and bus drop off area at the southwest corner of the site, and a new staff parking area at the northeast corner of the site where existing buildings have been removed.

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