Blaine High School

  • Location: Blaine, Washington
  • Client: Blaine School District
  • Size: 126,000SF

The Blaine School District decided to leave a few small parts of the existing high school intact, rather than build an entirely new structure.  It was also necessary for the school to remain in full operation during the construction of new facilities.  This necessitated a phased approach with two major new additions being constructed in the first two phases. The two new buildings will surround the existing High School on two sides.  When the second phase of construction was completed, the majority of the old school was demolished and a secure interior courtyard created.  Student safety and security was one of the main goals for the project.  The current campus is spread over a large area, and allows for uncontrolled public access, but now all high school classes will be offered in one facility.  Another primary goal was to provide a large commons/cafeteria/social space.  The existing school had no space of this type, and High School students had walk to the Middle School to purchase a school lunch.

The design evolved out of a desire to create a dramatic new entry that would efficiently bring students into the building from the parking lot and bus drop off to the Commons, including large overhead doors that could open the space to the exterior in good weather. This portion of the building was completed first.  It also was important that the front door “face” of the school where visitors and parents arrive have a welcoming, but secure entrance.  This was achieved in the third phase by connecting two of the small remaining pods with a tall glazed entry structure.

The renovated High School has 90,000 SF of new space, and 36,000 SF of remodeled and modernized space, new stadium grandstands, a new storm water detention facility, upgraded primary electrical service, tennis courts, parking lot and courtyard space.

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